CSF - 8066 Universal Dual-Pass internal/external Oil Cooler - 22.0in L x 5.0in H x 2.25in W - Attacking the Clock Racing

CSF - 8066 Universal Dual-Pass internal/external Oil Cooler - 22.0in L x 5.0in H x 2.25in W


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CSF's 1st universal-style oil cooler dubbed the "BOSS" Cooler has been on the market since 2016. Since CSF focuses mostly on direct fit applications this oil cooler may still be unknown to many. However for many industry insiders and race-teams that are close to CSF this oil cooler has been the go-to option. CSF is very excited to offer our new BOSS cooler to the high performance and resto-mod market!

A new high performance oil cooler that can be used both internally as well as externally on any vehicle with its universal design configuration. Finished in a special thermal rejection powder coating paint process and topped off with our throw-back logo to complete the old school vibe. The Heavy-Duty Bar & Plate construction gives the cooler maximum durability when mounted externally. Its Dual-Pass turbulated core offers the highest level of cooling performance and can be mounted in any orientation.The unique design of CSF's oil cooler line has distinct advantages over conventional style oil coolers (plate-type/stacked oil coolers). The oil coolers can be placed in tighter spaces or different areas of the vehicle that don't have much vertical surface area. Longer rectangular sizes can also help with avoiding the stacking of too many coolers which may cause airflow issues to other components in the cooling system. Inlet/outlet port placement is much easier to route oil lines. Typical oil cooler lines have to be routed from different/opposite ends of the cooler often facing up or down. Usually one line has to run across from one side of the cooler to the other to then be routed together to the feed/return connection of the oil system. The CSF oil coolers are much more robust durable and can withstand a higher peak burst rate. This allows the cooler to be mounted in areas that might get high debris (front fascia diff cooler side vents etc?). The CSF oil cooler is designed to withstand a tremendous amount of vibration and debris.

Dimensions: 22'L x 5'H x 2.25'W Universal Dual-Pass internal/external Oil Cooler - 22.0in L x 5.0in H x 2.25in W

Heavy duty bar/plate construction for durability & strength (Ideal for external placement); CSF The Cooling Experts have been serving the US aftermarket for almost 4 decades. With over 30 million units sold CSF is your exclusive source for Radiators Condensers Intercoolers Inverter Coolers Racing Radiators and Pressure Caps.; Dual-pass design; Turbulated 8-row core w/ high density multi-louvered fin pitch; -10 AN Male inlet/outlet connections; Flip-able universal design for inlet/outlet on either side; 2 M8 Mounting Bosses (w/ steel helicoil); Unique semi-gloss / matte black powder coat finish using thermal rejecting powder;


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