Radium Dry Break 1.5in Female Direct Mount Vented - Attacking the Clock Racing

Radium Dry Break, 1.5in, Female, Direct Mount, Vented


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Designed for direct mounting onto a fuel cell. For mating, a 6-bolt flange with a 2.18" PCD bolt circle (as found on the FCST) is required. Includes 20-0549-V Dry Break, 1.5in, Female, Vented as well as an aluminum housing, stainless steel hardware, and a gasket. The components, materials, and seals are compatible with all fuel types (unleaded and leaded gasoline, diesel, AV gas, methanol, ethanol, E15, E85, etc.).


Height: 3.43" (Dry Break to Gasket)
Mate: 20-0496 Dry Break, 1.5in, Male

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