Motortrend // Toyo Tires’ SEMA Treadpass Showcases Variety and Ingenuity

The sideshow has become a legitimate main attraction.

Rodrez Writer
Renz Dimaandal Photographer

You probably don't think Lexus GS300 when you hear Time Attack but Attacking the Clock Racing is about to change all of that with this competition-ready sedan. All the bells and whistles, this fully custom affair features one-off aero front to back, EVS Tuning side mirrors, fender-exit exhaust, and center-lock wheels to name but a few of its highlights.

GS300 at SEMA 2021 Toyo Treadpass

Inside, a fully caged cabin replaces the suit and tie feel of the GS, replaced by purposeful pilot's quarters complete with a Haltech digital cluster and carbon fiber shift paddles attached to a custom dash. Under the hood sits single turbo 2JZ power and we can't wait to see this beauty in action.