Speed Hunters // Here’s Your SEMA 2022 Day 1 Mega Gallery


Imagine putting your entire Spotify playlist on shuffle and handing it to a friend.

The end result would be fairly similar to your first day at the 2022 SEMA Show. Some things will be entirely expected, others a little more surprising. Some tracks will transport you back to an era long forgotten, and the rest will make you question why you even consider that person a friend.

It all makes for an entertaining few hours, though. And – for SEMA at least – it’s yet another insight into how completely mad the tuning world can be.

If you caught our preview post earlier in the week, you’ll know the general consensus going into SEMA 2022 was that it would be busier than last year’s restricted event, but still much quieter than ‘traditional’ years.

If day one at SEMA 2022 was anything to go by, that’s exactly how it’s panned out. But here’s the thing, the show feels much better for it, even if SEMA’s organizers wouldn’t necessarily agree.

Thinking back to pre-pandemic times, physically getting around SEMA was all but impossible unless you could get in extra early on an exhibitor pass.

Now? Thanks to various brands dropping out at the last minute, there’s real space around the halls meaning photography and filmmaking can actually take place.

But that’s enough chat about the venue and past restrictions; what about 2022 – what’s it actually like? Well, it’s been nearly three years since the last proper SEMA Show, so you’d hope there might have been a bit of a shift on what kind of cars people are building. Let’s dive in and find out…