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Shawn Bassett

SkylineBuilder: Shawn Bassett, Attacking the Clock Racing, Tavares, FL

Vehicle: ’91 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

Category: Sport Compact,

Import Performance, Luxury & Exotic

“The goal was to make a very modern race car,” Shawn Bassett says of his build, which started its life as a factory NISMO GT. “There’s a tremendous amount you have to do for a ’90s car to compete with modern Porsche GT3s on a road course,” he continues, and to that end, Bassett proceeded to build a dedicated Pikes Peak racer that incorporates myriad custom and one-off components.

Starting under the hood, an RB26 inline six has been bored and stroked to displace 2.8L and outfitted with a dry-sump oiling system. A Motec full engine-management system with PDM optimizes fuel delivery and engine operation, and a Garrett turbocharger lends a power boost. An Antigravity ATX-30 lithium-ion battery provides spark, and a Radium fuel system brings the juice.

SkylineThe rest of the original all-wheel-drive drivetrain was ditched in favor of a traditional rear-drive race setup, a move Bassett admits is “something that GT owners will probably hate me for doing.” On the other hand, losing the stock transmission, transfer case and front drive in favor of a BMW dual-clutch paddle transmission (with 200-millisecond shift capability) allowed Bassett to shave 450 lbs. of weight from the vehicle. Now, power is transferred to a quick-change Winters rear diff, which turns a set of special-edition Volk TE37 wheels and 295/35Z 888R Toyo Tires. An AP Pro5000 Big Brake kit brings the Skyline to a halt in tandem with HEL Performance brake lines and fittings. Locating the wheel/tire combo is a custom billet suspension that utilizes one-off Moton three-way coilovers and FDF Fab spherical control arms, and a set of air jacks has been installed to allow for quick tire changes.

The Skyline’s original bodywork has been replaced with a full carbon-fiber exterior, save the doors and rear quarters. A full ATCR Aero Package includes a front splitter and custom splitter rods, a full flat-bottom and rear diffuser. Also onboard is a massive frame-mounted APR Performance 70-in. Dual Element Wing. The setup makes for “serious aero,” in Bassett’s words.

Inside, Sabelt racing seats and Takata six-point harnesses secure driver and co-driver, and a Sabelt steering wheel features a quick-release mount. A Lifeline fire suppression system is onboard, and a custom ATCR “Pikes Peak”-spec rollcage adds an extra measure of safety.