Super Street // Built For a Cause: GS 300 Time Attacker Slays at SEMA 2021

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Lexus GS 300 Time Attack


Purchased back in 2015, owner handed over GS 300 to Attacking the Clock Racing for a special build for breast cancer awareness.

The GS 300 as a platform usually results in VIP builds. Some do end up on the track, but its overall vibe suggests a more elegant way to be a badass.

Not this one, though. Super Street attended the recent SEMA 2021 show in Vegas, taking a stroll through the Toyo Tires Treadpass display outside. There, they happened upon a 2009 GS 300 built not for cruising, but for attacking time itself, while also raising awareness for a cause near to the owner’s heart.

Lexus GS 300 Time Attack

“Elleongs came to us with a vision to create a Time-Attack car out of his GS300 and dedicate the car to Racing For A Cure,” wrote Attacking the Clock Racing on their Instagram. “It’s been a crazy month trying to get the car finished and to SEMA, but we made it happen!”

The GS 300 was purchased by the owner in 2015. Back then, it was just a stock luxury car. However, according to automotive renderer Jon Sibal, by the time the Lexus went off to the builder, it had been a mild race car. Sibal rendered a new look to match Attacking the Clock Racing’s vision, which snowballed into a massive undertaking; thus, its name, “Snowball.”

Lexus GS 300 Time Attack

Behind the massive intercooler is a 2JZ with a single turbo. Though output remains unknown at this time, time attack competitors can have anywhere between 600 and 800 horsepower, if not more. As builder Shawn Bassett said on his Instagram, the owner wanted three things out of this build: to retain the 2JZ, retain its GS 300 identity, and honor his late mother.

Which is where the “Race For The Cure” branding comes into play. The owner’s mother passed from breast cancer at the age of 52 in 2016. The owner plans to raise awareness by taking this GS 300 out to the time attack circuit soon. Specifically, the Global Time Attack series. The first event is the Super Lap Battle scheduled for mid-February 2022 at the Circuit of the Americas. There’s about three months to get this Lexus ready to roar. May its song reach all the way to the heavens.

Photos: Super Street, Instagram/attackingtheclockracing